Sharing Goodness

JustGood first found its roots of inspiration in the Sabah local natives’ market called Tamu. A vibrant offering of local villagers’ fresh harvests to the community. It was a communal sharing of Mother Nature’s goodness grown with love. People knew where their food came from. Thus, the idea was planted for JustGood. An ecosystem of sustainable healthy, wholesome produce from local sources all year round. Free from harmful chemicals.

This became the ground where goodness grows. We knew that we could get people good food from the farm, transported to our store, and to families. Sharing goodness as fresh as the daily yields in the farmers hands.


Who are we?

Courageous Cultivator

We are the courageous cultivator. We are a team of nutritionists, farmers, technologists, chefs and grocers passionate about revolutionizing the food industry. We are a warrior on the way to trustworthy, traceable sustenance.

We are bold in building the nation with real flavours. No hidden harmful chemicals. So, there’s nothing to hide. We’ll plough the way forward and enrich the earth.

We are fearless in the pursuit of our goal to feed the planet. An endless fight against instant, empty meals. We are faithful to the farmers, chefs and the families we serve because we want to see them living fulfilled lives.


What is our distinctiveness?

Healthy Human-Food Relationships

We build a healthy human-food relationship. To do this, we focus on putting people, the planet and purpose first.

We are driven to provide nutrition to the nation. We contribute towards food security and create a better farming community with job opportunities. We sow the seeds of sustainability in the furrows of agriculture. Better farming techniques and modern technology help us increase the quantity and quality of our output while reducing the impact on the environment.

We create food for the family. We want to grow towards a healthier and happier community with fresh, nutritious and safe food.

Our Farm

We grow 14 types of crops not including microgreens and herbs - all in controlled environments. We are practitioners of Precision Agriculture or Smart Precision Farming and we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in farming.

How so? The majority of crops are highland crops that we grow in lowland within controlled environments 50km-60km away from Kuala Lumpur. For example, the highland crops that we grow based on literature can only thrive in 18-230 Celsius water, but we are growing them at 28-290 Celsius! This requires effort in R&D and growing of the produce from the crop type to the seed source and variant and so on.

Smart Farming

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